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Automobile manual transmission gear oil classification, selection and matters needing attention
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A, manual transmission gear oil classification:

At present, there are two types of gear oil in the domestic market: one is foreign gear oil, which is classified by SAE(American Society of Automotive Engineers) and API(American Petroleum Institute). The other is classified according to the domestic gear oil classification method.

1. Classification of foreign automobile gear oil

SAE automotive gear oil classification is divided into :70W, 75W, 80W, 85W, 90, 140, 250 seven viscosity grade, with "W" said the winter size of gear oil, not "W" said the summer size of gear oil.

Now there is a multi-stage gear oil, such as :80 W / 90, 85 W / 90, 80 W / 90 means that the gear oil can be used at the lowest -30 ℃, the highest -10 ℃ ambient temperature.

According to the classification of API and the severity of working conditions, gear oil can be divided into six grades: GL-1, GL-2, GL-3, GL-4, GL-5, GL-6.

In recent years, with the development of automotive technology, many automobile manufacturers have increasingly high requirements for automotive gear oil, so SAE and ASim (American Society for Testing of Materials) have introduced a new level that says MT-1 PG-2, MT-1 is a mechanical transmission oil, its quality is higher than the GL-4 standard. The quality of PG-2 is higher than that of GL-5.

2. Classification of domestic automotive gear oil

Domestic gear oil classification method also has two kinds:

The first is according to the viscosity classification, classification standard is also according to the SAE standard classification.

The other category is:

General automotive gear oil, equivalent to API grade GL-3,

Medium load vehicle gear oil, equivalent to API grade GL-4,

Heavy vehicle gear oil, equivalent to API grade GL-5.

Ii. Selection of gear oil for manual transmission

When choosing gear oil for automobile transmission and differential, it is best to choose the type of viscosity and quality grade of gear oil in accordance with the provisions of the automobile operation manual. You can also use the following methods:

1. Choose the viscosity level of the gearbox according to the local seasonal temperature.

The lowest ambient temperature corresponding to the viscosity grade of gear oil is :70 W (55℃), 75 W (to 40℃), 80 W (30℃), 85 W (~ 20℃), 90(10℃), 140(10℃), 250(20℃).

In recent years, a large number of imported gear oil domestic production and sales, sales in the domestic market, try to use international standard label, gear oil level SAE viscosity grade label and API quality rating label, there are also some domestic label gear oil, gear oil domestic and international standard gear oil corresponding label is as follows:

No. 20 general gear oil (domestic trademark), suitable for winter General Motors gear transmission, corresponding to the international trademark SAE class 90,API class GL-2.

No. 30 general gear oil (domestic trademark), suitable for the general summer automotive gear transmission in the north and south of the Yangtze River in summer, corresponding to the international trademark SAE class 140,API class GL-2.

No. 22 Residual Hyperbola Gear Oil (domestic trademark), suitable for winter use of Hyperid gear transmission, corresponding to international trademarks SAE class 90,API class GL-3.

No. 28 Residual Hyperbolic Gear Oil (national standard), suitable for the use of summer high-speed gear transmission vehicles, in line with the international standard SAE 140, API GL-3.

18 fractional hyperbolic gear oil (Chinese label), suitable for ambient temperature -10 ~ 30℃, hypoid gear transmission device, corresponding to international label grade SAE 90, API grade GL-4.

26 fraction hyperbolic gear oil (Chinese label), suitable for the environment temperature above 32℃, hypoid gear drive vehicles. It corresponds to the international label SAE grade 140 and API grade GL-4.

No. 13 fractionation hyperbolic gear oil (Chinese label), suitable for hypoid gear vehicles in 35 ~ 10℃- low temperature area, the corresponding international label grade is SAE 85 W, API grade is GL-5.

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